S U M M E R T I M E    S A D N E S S

It’s hard for me to let go of summer. . . I miss being sandy and sun kissed on a secluded beach.

Yet, most of all I’ll miss being able to get away with wearing this amazing chain bra from Grace Bijoux.

O U T F I T      D E T A I L S

S A B B A T H    S L I P    D R E S S   //   LOTTIE HALL




S A B B A T H 

Honestly . . . can the combination of outfit + shoot landscape get any dreamier than this?  And is it possible to be any more obsessed with this jewelry situation I have going on?! Probably. But I’d find both hard to believe.

When it comes to jewelry  AMARILO  truly embodies the fine art of layering. Each piece mixes and matches seamlessly together so you can create a unique look that suits you perfectly. Also, because each piece is minimal in nature. . . the more you layer the merrier. ( even though each piece can definitely speak for itself )  The one piece that I particularly wouldn’t want to live without would be the Pia Opal Choker. Mainly because it can be worn with literally everything, and is such a stand out piece alone. I honestly love it sooo much. You can do no wrong with that choker!  Go take a look at all of Amarillo’s stunning jewelry designs on their website and I’m sure you will fall fast in love just like I did :


On another note. . . I also have to mention this lovely slip dress from Lottie Hall. I seemed to have filled my closet with quite the collection of designs from Lottie over the past few years and there is only one good reason for that. Her designs are always super creative / unique, and the high quality of each piece never disappoints. Every time I buy a new dress of hers it’s as if I am buying a new painting to add to my art collection. And this Sabbath Slip Dress happens to be one of my all time favorites yet! Everything from the subtle paisley pattern drawn by Lottie that seems to glisten like a pearl off the silk satin elastic fabric, to the scallop edge detail on the top. . . makes this dress truly amazing. Then again. . . all of her designs usually take my breath away. And that’s exactly why I keep coming back for more!

N A V I G A T E      T O      N O W H E R E

You followed your inner compass and navigated to nowhere.  You are NOW here.  You are present.  Live and breathe in each priceless second.

Say yes to the unknown and leave your constraints of time behind. Embark on a new adventure of the body and mind.

Explore the world through your new eyes.

Navigate to nowhere and you will find the freedom in being now, here.

F O L L O W     Y O U R     I N N E R    C O M P A S S



MODEL   //   MCKENNA  LAMOS   @mckennalamos

T U L U M     R U I N S

These Mayan Ruins are what drew me to Tulum in the first place.  With stunning views of the ruins overlooking the caribbean sea, I just thought this place was truly a sight to behold. We happened to come at a time when there was a abnormal amount of seaweed. . . which sort of ruined the ideal white sandy beaches I was hoping to see. But, I will have no problem going back there some other time. (when there is less of a seaweed situation)  Because It really was just a dreamy place to be.

T U L U M     B E A C H

If you can stay anywhere in the Yucatan Peninsula, pick one of the boutique hotels located along this lovely stretch of beach located just south of the ruins. Talk about heaven on earth! I particularly enjoyed getting hurled by the waves out front of Papaya Playa. Then indulging in a delicious fruit smoothie at Posada Margherita afterwards.

C E N O T E     C R I S T A L I N O

Cenote Cristalino was the swimming hole of my dreams! Surprisingly this vivid green Cenote was practically empty the whole time we were there, which made it seem like a secluded little swimming hole in the jungle. There is a platform to cliff jump off of, which was super fun. . . and little fish that love to nibble at your feet.  I just kept swimming/treading water to keep them away. haha. Overall, I felt that swimming in the Cenotes was a very fun and unique experience. . .  and I highly suggest it to any one looking to get off the beaten path a little bit.

The   C O Q U I     C O Q U I    C O B A     Residence & Spa

Located near the Ancient Coba Ruins (just 50min outside of Tulum) you will find this hidden gem tucked away in the jungle. Spend your time lounging around the outdoor pools, enjoying any of their luxe spa treatments, and eating their original Mayan cuisine. I also highly recommend that you pick up one of their Perfumes in the Boutique while you are there. I personally love the Coco Coco scent. . . every time I wear it I feel as if I am right back on the beach in Tulum.

C H I C H E N     I T Z A

Being One of the 7 Wonders of the World. . . Chichen Itza is a must see while in the Yucatan Peninsula. Chichen Itza was truly astounding to see in person and ended up being one of the biggest highlights of my trip. (Even though the real wonder was the number of selfie sticks I saw at this place.) I recommend standing at the base of the steps of the pyramid and clapping your hands. Also make sure to make a quick stop at Cenote il Kil for an unforgettable underground swimming experience.


This had to be the most pristine stretch of white sand I have ever seen in my life. The sand was incredibly soft and the water was warm, which made this beach absolutely perfect for swimming. I was blown away by the electric teal color of the water . . . it was unlike anything I had seen while growing up in Hawaii. Not to mention that because the water was clear as day… I was able to see these amazing translucent fish that shimmered as they swam by me in the water. It was the perfect way to spend our morning before jumping on a plane back to Colorado.

Needless to say . . .   Take Me Back To Tulum!

A N D Y    T O P  //  Acacia Swimwear   HERE

C H U N S    B O T T O M S  //  Acacia Swimwear   HERE

P A P A Y A      P L A Y A

You can never go wrong with a suit from ACACIA Swimwear. Known for their super cheeky bottoms, buttery fabric, and luxe designs they have become a main staple in any bikini connoisseur’s closet. In other words . . .  if you don’t own Acacia you probably don’t know much about swimwear.  Luckily I learned this early on because they hail from my home island of Maui, Hawaii . . .  where frequent beach goers dearly love and remain loyal to their bikini’s.



” You  have   the   G a l a x i e s   inside   your   head.

 Stop   letting   people   tell   you   that   you  cannot   S h i n e. “

 T U L U M     R U I N S

 Lately my mind seems to be drifting off to warm tropical destinations such as Tulum again . . .  Especially back to the moment where I strolled through the Mayan Ruins that are situated up on a cliffside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Talk about some dreamy views! Not to mention that I also miss my slightly bronzed self in this lovely gown from Jen’s Pirate Booty.

L1     P R E M I U M     G O O D S     O U T E R W E A R

We both know you are still on the hunt for some new outerwear for the snowboard season. Whether you’d like to admit it or not… last years get up just isn’t cutting it anymore even though you tried. This year L1 Premium Goods not only has the best fitted pants in the game, but some killer jackets as well. For the past few years I have sworn by L1’s pants because they simply are the best slim fit pants I have come across that are incredibly comfortable, as well as affordable. I have gone through a number of pairs of their heartbreaker pants and currently can’t seem to take off these Scarlett pants. They seem to be like the luxe sister to the heartbreaker… with tougher insulated fabric, super handy zippered pockets, jacket to pant connection snaps, and a slightly more relaxed fit allowing for better movement… these babies are perfect!

On another note this Tamaryn Jacket that has crawled it’s way into my heart has become another favorite of mine. Probably because of it’s puffy nature it happens to be one of the warmest and most comfortable jackets I have had the pleasure to ride in. Which after riding in truly comfortable outerwear like this… it makes me take a hard look at some of my past less cozy outerwear choices. But hey I like to mix things up. I am also a sucker for the Brush Emboss color way / leather detail it has going on. Plus, the lining of the hood has awesome painted birds on it which is a rad touch. Needless to say this jacket has definitely made it into high rotation as one of my favorite coats!

Go take a look at all of their other awesome outerwear as well, because in my opinion the shred season is really just starting to kick in and it’s never too late to change up your outerwear:


O U T F I T     D E T A I L S

T A M A R Y N    J A C K E T   //  L1 Premium Goods   HERE

S C A R L E T T    P A N T   //  L1 Premium Goods   HERE

K U Z Y K   M I T T    //  Howl Supply   HERE

V E R S E   H O O D E D  C O W L   //  Akinz   HERE