Burton “Restricted” Deja’ Vu Women’s Snowboard


Say Hello to the Burton (restricted) Deja’ Vu Snowboard! This beautiful being is meant for destroying the terrain park if you can believe that? And it is one of this years Top Rated women’s snowboards to prove it. If Burton can trust this to perform well in the hands of riders like Kimmy Fasani, Gabi Viteri, and Enni Rukajarvi then I am sure it will do more than enough for a rider like myself. This is a Camber board and they state “it works … probably better than you remember.” The good folks at Burton say the Camber is for straight up ripping. Balancing its snappy suspension with Smooth Rideβ„’ cushioning, getting bucked is no longer an issue as the board tames terrain with calculated authority. Now because this board is on the “restricted” line they only made a few that could be found at selected retailers so I suggest you get after it, if this strikes your fancy. This snowboard is about $419.95 which is a fairly good price for a top of the line board.

Go see for yourself at:Β http://www.burton.com


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