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Appalachian Outing Coat: Plenty by Tracy Reese

Feather Dance Hanger Earring at Urban Outfitters Here

Originally I found this Coat at Anthropologie which has to be one of my favorite lifestyle stores. I love the feeling you get when you walk in, every-time I picture it as my ideal life in 10 years. Someone who has the most unique and stylish taste, has traveled around the world, who is strong and career oriented yet feminine and enjoys having a family. Not only do they take you into a dream they also carry some of the most unique clothing designers. You will find clothing inspired from all around the globe. Also the quality of the clothing makes it easy to find timeless pieces like this coat, that you will hold onto throughout your lifetime. This coat was designed by Tracy Reese in her “Plenty by Tracy Reese” collection which embodies the modern bohemian spirit. It is one of the nicest coats I have ever had the pleasure to own and it is one that I really cherish. I have also spent a number of hours on her website looking at all of her other designs which truly inspire me with their beauty. Her choice of fabric and patterns is wonderful, especially her work with jacquard and bold prints. She has a combo shift dress that I currently have my eye on. Needless to say, I suggest that you go take a look at her website and get drawn in to her designs yourself.




  1. als24 said:

    I LOVE the coat! I love the colorblocking and the colors are just right. It looks great with your coloring too! xx

    Allie @

    • Thank You! Im glad you love it too, it is my favorite coat.

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