Finding Bliss


ZEP HOTCAKESDon’t Blow The Illusion

Lolli for Free People Halter Swim Top – Lolli Swim X Free People  Buy Here

Finding Bliss

I love it when everything seems to come together so perfectly, at the times when you least expect it. Just like how I stumbled upon these sweet Hotcakes just before heading out to Hawaii. Had a mossy green ruffle swim top that seemed to work surprisingly well with them, even though it wasn’t the initial vision.  And of course on a whim, while on the Big Island of Hawaii I decided to seek out a green sand beach, which there are only 2 of it’s kind in the world. When I arrived to the beach I had no idea of what to expect, but when I saw the olive green sand and bright teal waves rolling in I knew I stumbled upon Bliss. I honestly enjoyed the water crashing onto me and rolling around in the olivine sand. The whole experience was lovely and I just wanted to soak it all in.. Since who knows when I will ever end up on a green sand beach again.

These Hotcakes are the most unique and comfortable bikini bottoms I have ever worn. Robin Waters and Miss Jackson Swimwear came together to make this fabulous wearable art for your sandy bum. They stick to your skin quite nicely, and have a barely there feeling which is wonderful. In addition I love how they matched so well with this Lolli for Free People ruffle swim top. It sort of felt like I was sweet on top with a bit of badass on bottom, which goes well with my personality. Being a photographer myself, I was totally in love with the whole idea that Robin Waters had, by using her rad photos as the focus in her designs. These HotCakes are a fun spin on swimwear when you wanna wear something that is stylish and stands out. There are a bunch of other cool designs too that you should go take a peek at!


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