Skogafoss // Iceland

Outfit Details

Breast Tee // Maurie & Eve  HERE

Word Denim Jean // Maurie & Eve HERE

DIOON 569 Sandals // Vagabond  HERE

Skogafoss // Iceland

“This life really is complicated.. Mistaken for a dream. Well… it seems to be.”

Sometimes when I travel I feel as if I am stuck in a dreamlike state, which I love. All of the sudden time has no meaning, other people don’t seem to exist, and everything I left back home seems insignificant. I just soak it all in and let a lot of other things go. When I travel I am an observer, I like to explore places in depth and try to draw out it’s beauty with my lens. Since I grew up in Hawaii, a place with several hidden gems only a local would know about, I am aware there’s more to see and experience then just the main sights. At the same time I have the wide eyes of a visitor, which allows me to appreciate the things that might go un-noticed by a local. I find it is good to stray off the main roads, and not be afraid to spend a little more time at a place that is interesting to me, rather then rush off to something else.

This whole shoot concept was something I had planned out before I arrived in Iceland and I am thrilled with the outcome. It all started with these off beat denim jeans from Maurie & Eve that have a dropped crotch. I knew if I got these jeans I would really need to rock the hell out of them.. so I decided to just go for it and pair them with the breast tee! Together they are really fun, and suit my bit of a badass personality. I’m never afraid to experiment with unusual fashion and find ways to make it work for me. The DIOON sandals from Vagabond really were the icing on the cake. I love a decent platform and this sporty/minimalistic look makes them easy to pair with just about anything.  Every aspect of this outfit just fell perfectly into place.. and having Skogafoss as the backdrop was truly a vision come to life!


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