D O N T      B L O W     T H E     I L L U S I O N

PHOTOS OF ME BY : ROBIN WATERS   @robinwatersphoto

This post has been long overdue… since this little road trip happened over a year ago. But posting a bit late is better than never right? Especially, when you can still buy most of these sick designs online.

This road trip happened to be one of the most spontaneous/fun trips I have done. The total babes behind DBTI X AMARA SWIMWEAR // Robin Waters and Lisa Jackson flew out to Colorado, and we all hit the road together on what turned out to be one hell of an adventure throughout Utah, Arizona, and back. We witnessed a breathtaking sunset over Canyon Lands. Played in Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Got lost while off roading / went skateboarding through Arizona.  As well as managed to poach a camping spot at 1 a.m. in Arches National Park.

I have so much love for these ladies, and their wonderful designs… and after you take a look at their current collections I am sure you will too!


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  1. The two highway shots: with the car in the distance, with the flag on the ass — those break the mould, show some thought. Keep going that direction – Uncle Karl.

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