L1 Premium Goods Outerwear

L1     P R E M I U M     G O O D S     O U T E R W E A R

We both know you are still on the hunt for some new outerwear for the snowboard season. Whether you’d like to admit it or not… last years get up just isn’t cutting it anymore even though you tried. This year L1 Premium Goods not only has the best fitted pants in the game, but some killer jackets as well. For the past few years I have sworn by L1’s pants because they simply are the best slim fit pants I have come across that are incredibly comfortable, as well as affordable. I have gone through a number of pairs of their heartbreaker pants and currently can’t seem to take off these Scarlett pants. They seem to be like the luxe sister to the heartbreaker… with tougher insulated fabric, super handy zippered pockets, jacket to pant connection snaps, and a slightly more relaxed fit allowing for better movement… these babies are perfect!

On another note this Tamaryn Jacket that has crawled it’s way into my heart has become another favorite of mine. Probably because of it’s puffy nature it happens to be one of the warmest and most comfortable jackets I have had the pleasure to ride in. Which after riding in truly comfortable outerwear like this… it makes me take a hard look at some of my past less cozy outerwear choices. But hey I like to mix things up. I am also a sucker for the Brush Emboss color way / leather detail it has going on. Plus, the lining of the hood has awesome painted birds on it which is a rad touch. Needless to say this jacket has definitely made it into high rotation as one of my favorite coats!

Go take a look at all of their other awesome outerwear as well, because in my opinion the shred season is really just starting to kick in and it’s never too late to change up your outerwear:


O U T F I T     D E T A I L S

T A M A R Y N    J A C K E T   //  L1 Premium Goods   HERE

S C A R L E T T    P A N T   //  L1 Premium Goods   HERE

K U Z Y K   M I T T    //  Howl Supply   HERE

V E R S E   H O O D E D  C O W L   //  Akinz   HERE

  1. Marc said:

    Hey, what size is the jacket in the pics and how tall are you? Trying to get an idea of the fit. Thanks!

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