J A P A N : Part 2


J A P A N 

 Favorite Moments from the Trip:

1. The snowboarding was “ALL TIME” in Hokkaido! I swear it was the most snow I have ever seen in my life. . .  and being able to froth around in it on my snowboard was one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had.

2. Feeling rather small next to the Huge Buddha statues that were carved into the side of mount Nokogiri at the Nihon-ji Temple in Chiba was pretty breathtaking. Even if we had to wait at the little train stop in Chiba for well over an hour . . . in fear that it was possible that a train might not even come to take us back to Tokyo. Also the tram ride up to the top of the mountain will be sure to make your stomach drop.

3. Witnessing what might just be the craziest and most bewildering neon show on earth at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. Trust me. You won’t know what the hell is going on and it will be amazing!

4. Walking through all of the hypnotizing red gates at the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto was well worth the day trip to Kyoto in itself.

5. Eating some super delicious sweet crepes on Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

6. Spending a day at Tokyo Disneyland because… why not?! The only ride that was still in English was the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. lol. It was super fun!

7. Eating all the sushi! If you have to grab it off a conveyor belt you’re doing something right.

8. Wandering around the Gion District in Kyoto late in the afternoon in order to watch the sunset take place behind the beautiful Yasaka-No-To Pagoda.

9. Admiring the Great Bronze Buddha at the Kotoku-in Temple in Kamakura . . . then going to get ramen noodles just down the street. The Great Buddha sits out in open air ever since a tsunami in 1498 washed away the last building that housed the statue.  I found that to be pretty interesting since it looks so beautiful out in the open, It is hard to even imagine it sitting inside of a building.

10. Embracing the Madness of Shibuya Crossing.



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