Velvet Crush

O U T F I T    D E T A I L S

VERONA  MINI  DRESS   //  Jen’s Pirate Booty  HERE


FRANCO  BOOTIES  //  Jeffrey Campbell  HERE

VELVET SLIP  //  MissGuided  HERE

V E L V E T    C R U S H

” s o    w h e n    t h e    m o m e n t    c o m e s  . . .  i    c a n    s a y    i    d i d    i t    a l l    w i t h

 l o v e . “

Velvet has been having a “serious moment” since last fall and I couldn’t be more supportive. I love everything from how the light reflects off velvet making you shimmer in the sun . . . to it’s soft fuzzy feel. It manages to balance being cozy + luxurious at the same time.  ( which is a difficult look to achieve )  Basically . . . you can’t blame me for crushing hard on velvet pieces at the moment. And these dreamy items that I picked up will likely make you develop a velvet crush too!

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