S P A C E    C A D E T

M O D E L    //    Lexie  Felderman    @kyrafeldy

P H O T O G R A P H E R  +  S T Y L I S T  +  M A K E U P   //    Erica  Davidge   @ericadavidge

T H E   C A M P A I G N   H A T   //    FallenBROKENstreet    HERE

I’m excited to share this fun editorial that I shot awhile back with the stunning Lexie Felderman. I got my hands on this super cool lieutenant cap from FallenBROKENstreet and I really wanted a excuse to put star stickers all over Lexie’s face. So, I went with this military ish vibe. . . which sorta went more galactic. I honestly love how it turned out! It’s a bit more themed than my normal work.

The funniest thing about this, is that the green puffy jacket became a part of this shoot because it happened to be super cold when we shot this. I brought it for her to warm up with it in between shots,  but I ended up just taking photos while she had it on since I loved that it matched the hat.

Regardless of all that and the freezing temperatures. . . I think that Lexie completely killed it!!


F  E  S  T  I  V  A  L       F  O  X

This happens to be a post that should have been up last summer. . . but it fell victim to my hard drive crashing on me. I felt like it was too foxy to ever go un-posted, and it still fits with the current festival season. So here it is.

Every year Spell & The Gypsy Collective kills it with their festival collection. They just tend to ooze that festival vibe better than anyone. Honestly, I haven’t been to a music festival in a few years . . . but I’m still a sucker for that fun festival style. Heck, It’s been a year and I still adore these pieces so much!

 I feel like that says a lot.

O U T F I T    D E T A I L S

VERONA  MINI  DRESS   //  Jen’s Pirate Booty  HERE


FRANCO  BOOTIES  //  Jeffrey Campbell  HERE

VELVET SLIP  //  MissGuided  HERE

V E L V E T    C R U S H

” s o    w h e n    t h e    m o m e n t    c o m e s  . . .  i    c a n    s a y    i    d i d    i t    a l l    w i t h

 l o v e . “

Velvet has been having a “serious moment” since last fall and I couldn’t be more supportive. I love everything from how the light reflects off velvet making you shimmer in the sun . . . to it’s soft fuzzy feel. It manages to balance being cozy + luxurious at the same time.  ( which is a difficult look to achieve )  Basically . . . you can’t blame me for crushing hard on velvet pieces at the moment. And these dreamy items that I picked up will likely make you develop a velvet crush too!

M A K E    M E    B L U S H

MODEL  //  Sophia LeBeaumont    @sophia_lebeaumont

PHOTOGRAPHER  +  STYLIST   //  Erica Davidge    @ericadavidge

I think it’s time that I finally got around to sharing this lovely editorial that I shot for Sticks and Stones Agency a few months ago.

 Sophia drove all the way down from Wyoming to meet me at this research center in Boulder, Colorado. This was our first shoot together, and just from glancing at this place from the parking lot you would be pretty skeptical about my location choice. So as I “the photographer” was smearing various pink eyeshadows all over her eye lids. . . I just kept telling her to trust me. Once she saw the result of the pink mess I had created in the mirror, she looked me straight in the eye & said. . . I think this is going to be a very fun shoot!

Thats when I knew we were about to create some Magic!

O U T F I T     D E T A I L S

A N T O I N E T T E    S E T   //   For Love and Lemons  HERE


Have a love affair with the sun.

In all honesty, there is no better feeling to me than that of the sun’s warmth on my skin after enduring those short/cold. . . even completely sunless days of winter. I have found that my mood definitely has a mutual connection to the weather.  So for me, being able to soak up the sun again literally brings me pure joy. If you can relate,  then I highly recommend that you go out and spend some much-needed quality time in the sun this spring. I know I will!

P.S. You can always count on any flirtatious floral number from For Love and Lemons to help get you in that ever so sweet springtime mindset.

O U T F I T    D E T A I L S

S I L E N C E + N O I S E   I R I D E S C E N T   S H I M M E R   M E S H   T E E  //  urban outfitters  HERE

F E E L I N’   O H   SO   T I G HT   C R O P   S E T  //  naked wardrobe  HERE

5 0     S H A D E S    O F    M O C H A

“You taste just right . . .  like Tennessee honey.”

I’ve been in a monochrome mood lately. Hence this mocha colored ensemble that has a sort of unintentional Yeezy Season 1 vibe to it. In my defense . . . from a stylist’s point of view it is actually pretty fun to see what you can do with just one hue.

O U T F I T     D E T A I L S

B A R C E L O N A    M I N I    D R E S S   //   For Love and Lemons

F L O R E N C E   M I N I   D R E S S   //   For Love and Lemons

M O T O   C O A T   //   Urban Outfitters

E D I S O N   A N K L E   B O O T S   //   A.S. 98

C R O S S   H O O P   E A R R I N G S   //   Luv A. J.

J a p a n :

you’re  so  cute  and  perfect  to  me.

As some of you might know, I went to Japan last year. And after experiencing “All of the Zen Feels” at the Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto, to feeling rather small next to the Great Buddha of Nihonji in Chiba … I think that Japan officially has a hold of my heart. Not to mention that there were a bunch of other Kawaii moments from this trip that I will compile into a “Japan Travel Diary” type post for you soon!

BTW  This post was way over due . . .  Over the past year I’ve been a bit absent on here, and I’m feeling Guilty. It’s not that I haven’t been busy creating things for you. I just sorta suck at sharing them on here. So this year I’ve decided that I will make a better effort to post on my blog in a more timely manner. Because . . .  trust me,  I definitely have a lot of fresh content / ideas that I am currently working on that I am excited to share with you.