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T I B U M A N A    W A T E R F A L L

 B A L I

If you ever find yourself in Bali’s jungle looking for a quiet place to cool off . . . this may just be the place.

Unfortunately one of the downsides to Bali are it’s crowds. It’s nearly impossible to have a place completely to yourself, even when you wake up at the crack of dawn! So, after spending the morning at another more popular “and very crowded” waterfall, we headed over to this lesser known waterfall only to be greeted with a huge sigh of relief that there were only 2-3 other people there. I really relished my time spent swimming in this little slice of Bali goodness. When it comes to Bali. . .  if you make the effort to seek the road less traveled, you will be rewarded!



J A P A N 

 Favorite Moments from the Trip:

1. The snowboarding was “ALL TIME” in Hokkaido! I swear it was the most snow I have ever seen in my life. . .  and being able to froth around in it on my snowboard was one of the most unforgettable experiences I have ever had.

2. Feeling rather small next to the Huge Buddha statues that were carved into the side of mount Nokogiri at the Nihon-ji Temple in Chiba was pretty breathtaking. Even if we had to wait at the little train stop in Chiba for well over an hour . . . in fear that it was possible that a train might not even come to take us back to Tokyo. Also the tram ride up to the top of the mountain will be sure to make your stomach drop.

3. Witnessing what might just be the craziest and most bewildering neon show on earth at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo. Trust me. You won’t know what the hell is going on and it will be amazing!

4. Walking through all of the hypnotizing red gates at the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto was well worth the day trip to Kyoto in itself.

5. Eating some super delicious sweet crepes on Takeshita Street in Harajuku.

6. Spending a day at Tokyo Disneyland because… why not?! The only ride that was still in English was the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. lol. It was super fun!

7. Eating all the sushi! If you have to grab it off a conveyor belt you’re doing something right.

8. Wandering around the Gion District in Kyoto late in the afternoon in order to watch the sunset take place behind the beautiful Yasaka-No-To Pagoda.

9. Admiring the Great Bronze Buddha at the Kotoku-in Temple in Kamakura . . . then going to get ramen noodles just down the street. The Great Buddha sits out in open air ever since a tsunami in 1498 washed away the last building that housed the statue.  I found that to be pretty interesting since it looks so beautiful out in the open, It is hard to even imagine it sitting inside of a building.

10. Embracing the Madness of Shibuya Crossing.


O U T F I T     D E T A I L S

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J a p a n :

you’re  so  cute  and  perfect  to  me.

As some of you might know, I went to Japan last year. And after experiencing “All of the Zen Feels” at the Tenryu-ji Temple in Kyoto, to feeling rather small next to the Great Buddha of Nihonji in Chiba … I think that Japan officially has a hold of my heart. Not to mention that there were a bunch of other Kawaii moments from this trip that I will compile into a “Japan Travel Diary” type post for you soon!

BTW  This post was way over due . . .  Over the past year I’ve been a bit absent on here, and I’m feeling Guilty. It’s not that I haven’t been busy creating things for you. I just sorta suck at sharing them on here. So this year I’ve decided that I will make a better effort to post on my blog in a more timely manner. Because . . .  trust me,  I definitely have a lot of fresh content / ideas that I am currently working on that I am excited to share with you.


T U L U M     R U I N S

These Mayan Ruins are what drew me to Tulum in the first place.  With stunning views of the ruins overlooking the caribbean sea, I just thought this place was truly a sight to behold. We happened to come at a time when there was a abnormal amount of seaweed. . . which sort of ruined the ideal white sandy beaches I was hoping to see. But, I will have no problem going back there some other time. (when there is less of a seaweed situation)  Because It really was just a dreamy place to be.

T U L U M     B E A C H

If you can stay anywhere in the Yucatan Peninsula, pick one of the boutique hotels located along this lovely stretch of beach located just south of the ruins. Talk about heaven on earth! I particularly enjoyed getting hurled by the waves out front of Papaya Playa. Then indulging in a delicious fruit smoothie at Posada Margherita afterwards.

C E N O T E     C R I S T A L I N O

Cenote Cristalino was the swimming hole of my dreams! Surprisingly this vivid green Cenote was practically empty the whole time we were there, which made it seem like a secluded little swimming hole in the jungle. There is a platform to cliff jump off of, which was super fun. . . and little fish that love to nibble at your feet.  I just kept swimming/treading water to keep them away. haha. Overall, I felt that swimming in the Cenotes was a very fun and unique experience. . .  and I highly suggest it to any one looking to get off the beaten path a little bit.

The   C O Q U I     C O Q U I    C O B A     Residence & Spa

Located near the Ancient Coba Ruins (just 50min outside of Tulum) you will find this hidden gem tucked away in the jungle. Spend your time lounging around the outdoor pools, enjoying any of their luxe spa treatments, and eating their original Mayan cuisine. I also highly recommend that you pick up one of their Perfumes in the Boutique while you are there. I personally love the Coco Coco scent. . . every time I wear it I feel as if I am right back on the beach in Tulum.

C H I C H E N     I T Z A

Being One of the 7 Wonders of the World. . . Chichen Itza is a must see while in the Yucatan Peninsula. Chichen Itza was truly astounding to see in person and ended up being one of the biggest highlights of my trip. (Even though the real wonder was the number of selfie sticks I saw at this place.) I recommend standing at the base of the steps of the pyramid and clapping your hands. Also make sure to make a quick stop at Cenote il Kil for an unforgettable underground swimming experience.


This had to be the most pristine stretch of white sand I have ever seen in my life. The sand was incredibly soft and the water was warm, which made this beach absolutely perfect for swimming. I was blown away by the electric teal color of the water . . . it was unlike anything I had seen while growing up in Hawaii. Not to mention that because the water was clear as day… I was able to see these amazing translucent fish that shimmered as they swam by me in the water. It was the perfect way to spend our morning before jumping on a plane back to Colorado.

Needless to say . . .   Take Me Back To Tulum!